New Investiments

The production capacity of SINOBRAS will be doubled. The first part of this investment is called SINOBRAS phase II and provides a contribution of approximately $ 200 million for the following projects:

Substation and 230 kV Transmission Line

The implementation of the new substation and transmission line of 230 kV aims to meet the changing needs of the electrical charges SINOBRAS and encourage the future use of energy from hydroelectric of Belo Monte.

The new substation will consist of transformers (main and backup), circuit breakers, electrical protection and transmission line with an estimated 13 km extension.


The equipment will be capable of processing scrap 170 thousand tons / year. Scrap benefited by  Shredder will have higher density and lower level of impurities, which will reduce power consumption and lime in the operation of the electric furnace Steelmaking, significantly outperforming the oven and reduce the operational cost and the total cost of the billet produced.

Wire Rod Mill and Spools (rebar in coil)

The lamination SINOBRAS 2 will have capacity of 500 tons / year and is dedicated to producing conventional coils, wire rod in sizes from 5.5 to 25mm, rebar in sizes from 6.3 to 16 mm and compact coils of rebar (spooler) in gauges from 10 to 25 mm. The project also involves reheating furnace, rolling and output of conventional and compact coils (spooler) with capacity of 110 tons / hour furnace. The devices are updated technology and high productivity.

Belo Monte

Cheaper energy and self-sustainable consumption

SINOBRAS has 1% stake in SPE, the company responsible for the implementation and management of the hydroelectric plant of Belo Monte on the Xingu River in Pará,  as self-producer of energy. The Steel investment enables the design of R $ 250 million and provides energy sustainability of its plant in Maraba / PA.

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