Kickboxing athlete from Marabá receives support to participate in the National Championship

Monday August 30th, 2021

Always seeking to promote sport and culture, SINOBRAS has been supporting projects and actions in the state of Pará. In this sense, after supporting the Military Police’s Jiu-jitsu Pedagogical Project, the company becomes a sponsor of the athlete Jhonny Yori, one of the participants of the Project, which will represent the state in the 30th Brazilian kickboxing Championship. The competition will take place between the 4th and 7th of September, in Rio de Janeiro.

Jhonny Yori started training kickboxing in early 2020, with few resources due to the covid-1 pandemic, which restricted the movement of people and the opening of establishments, but, even training at home with the help of friends, he became a highlight in the modality and is now preparing for its first national tournament. “The sport has improved my quality of life. In addition to helping with physical, mental and aesthetic conditioning, it gave me a purpose in life. I entered the Physical Education college and started to pass on the importance of sport to people”, he commented.

Jhonny talks about his expectation of participating in a championship for the first time. “Participating in a national competition is the realization of a dream that every martial artist has. Step into a ring and, regardless of the outcome, know you’re a winner just by being there. If more companies had this initiative, the doors would open for other lovers of the sport, I’m sure. We need this support”, emphasizes the fighter.

(Português do Brasil)