Talent development: Grupo Aço Cearense promotes a qualification program for employees

Tuesday June 8th, 2021

In order to train and strengthen its professionals, Grupo Aço Cearense is promoting the “Qualification”, a development program for its employees.

The Program was created based on the Group’s Human Development and Organizational Culture premises with the purpose of attracting, developing and retaining teams, contributing to the sustainability of the business. Through Qualification, employees have the opportunity to participate in a complete learning cycle in order to improve their technical and behavioral skills.

According to the Human Resources manager, Valquíria Ferreira, the program started in 2020, at SINOBRAS, a Group company located in Marabá, Pará, and is now being extended to the other Group companies: Aço Cearense Industrial, Aço Cearense Comercial and SINOBRAS Forestry. “With the success of the program at SINOBRAS, we believe it would be important to expand it to other companies. Employees participate in knowledge and training trails that corroborate the knowledge they already bring in their professional baggage”, she explains.

Employees have already started to participate in the first learning trails. “The project will be of great contribution to my professional growth and maturation. Having the opportunity to participate in training, receive content and put into practice all the new knowledge acquired, will maximize my results and improve my performance in the work environment. I’m full of expectations and very motivated in the face of this incredible challenge”, highlights Jorge Siqueira, Production Management and Processes analyst at Aço Cearense Industrial.

Desenvolvimento de talentos Grupo Aço Cearense promove programa de qualificação para colaboradores

(Português do Brasil)