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About us

Contributing to the development of our country, fostering the growth of our clients: that’s what Aço Cearense Group has been doing for 43 years in the market.

Our journey is marked by non-negotiable values such as humility, safe work, integrity, focus, determination, and faith in God, guiding us towards a prosperous future. To build a path of possibilities, we need to dare with courage and responsibility. That’s why Aço Cearense Group is undergoing a process of transformation and expansion, strengthening our purpose of contributing to the country’s development and fostering the growth of our clients.

The strength of Aço Cearense Group throughout Brazil

Throughout its history, Aço Cearense Group has expanded and diversified its operations, with five companies and an institute operating in Ceará, Pará, and Tocantins:

In Fortaleza (CE), we have Aço Cearense Comercial, the first company of the Group, created in 1979. Its structure and sales force position the Group as the largest independent distributor of steel and its derivatives in Brazil. In Caucaia (CE), there is Aço Cearense Industrial, focused on the flat steel segment, with two plants capable of producing 623,000 tons per year. Also in the capital of Ceará, you will find Aço Cearense Institute, responsible for implementing actions to provide opportunities for transformation and social inclusion based on education, culture, sports, and entrepreneurship.

In the North region, in Marabá (PA), operates Siderúrgica Norte Brasil S.A. – SINOBRAS, which produces long steels and has an installed capacity of 380,000 tons per year. In Tocantins, there is SINOBRAS Florestal, which owns its own farms with eucalyptus plantations for the production of bioenergy reducers for SINOBRAS.

In 2022, to further enhance our clients’ experience by providing more agility, flexibility, and security, we created Aço Cearense Logistic, the new company of Aço Cearense Group, exclusively dedicated to logistics services, unifying the entire service chain and operating in all Group companies.

Representatives throughout the country

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