SINOBRAS presents a successful case with a project for the inclusion of PwDs in an audience of the Public Ministry of Labor - Group Aço Cearense

SINOBRAS presents a successful case with a project for the inclusion of PwDs in an audience of the Public Ministry of Labor

Friday March 26th, 2021

The inclusion of people with disabilities goes far beyond compliance with legislation. Providing an adequate and aggregating environment, with respect to differences, support initiatives and ways to combat prejudice are the main ways to promote this inclusion. Aware of its role as a company that transforms the reality of an entire community, SINOBRAS invests in actions to provide an adequate space for the work of people with disabilities and, for this reason, was invited to present its successful case in a public audience. promoted by the Public Ministry of Labor, which took place last Friday, March 19, for the presentation and launch of the Project + Inclusion.

The meeting was held virtually and was attended by representatives of the Public Ministry of Labor, the Marabá City Hall, the Municipal Council of People with Disabilities, private companies and social entities for people with disabilities. The + Inclusion Project foresees the production of a PwD registration bank for work in the south and southeast of Pará, collaborating with employers in hiring people with disabilities, making the referral of these workers to the vacancies offered.

On the occasion, Admilson Rocha, HR consultant at SINOBRAS, and Sara Linda, legal coordinator at SINOBRAS, presented the data and actions that the company implemented to receive PwD professionals. Among the actions, there is an Educational Project that teaches Brazilian Sign Language (Libras) to all people in the sectors that received deaf employees, in addition to a training project, where people with disabilities go through a training course for the period 11 months , with a formal contract and all the benefits as a collaborator, while they qualify for their functions.

SINOBRAS also has an adapted structure with tactile flooring, access ramps, handrails, doors, refectories and adapted restrooms, and constantly raises the awareness of its employees in partnership with educational bodies and institutions. For the legal coordinator, Sara Linda, these actions go beyond what the legislation requires. “The company goes far beyond complying with the law. Today we have a staff of more than 60 people with disabilities who have actually been integrated into the company, and we are prepared to contribute to their growth in the job market. We know that doing our part is also providing dignity and pride for all these employees. We are always open to welcoming and respecting all differences ”, she highlights