Instituto Aço Cearense presented more than 400 needy children in the Happy Hug Campaign - Group Aço Cearense

Instituto Aço Cearense presented more than 400 needy children in the Happy Hug Campaign

Wednesday December 16th, 2020

A totally different year is the least we can talk about in 2020. There were many changes and great difficulties, but solidarity was the great learning mark that we will take from this very challenging moment. Six years ago, the Steel Cearense Institute launched a campaign titled Happy Hug, which, as the name suggests, takes a warm hug, accompanied by a Christmas gift, to children in socially vulnerable situations. This year, the campaign gained a new format and presented more than 400 children from 4 institutions in December.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the campaign was adapted, becoming digital. The letters that every year were written by the children of the institutions supported by the entity, this year became audios. Christmas trees were spread by the companies of the Aço Cearense Group, located in Ceará, Pará and Tocantins, and inside the Christmas ornaments, pictures of the children, accompanied by a code that allowed the employee to register and receive an audio from the child with your request. The gifts donated by the employees were sent to the institutions and distributed there to the children.

The commercial manager of Steel Cearense Comercial, Amanda Feijó, chose to present two children this year, as a way to make this Christmas a little more special. “I always participate in the campaign and this year I was a little sad because the children could not come here to receive our hug. On the other hand, I found the way the company did so innovative so that they would not be without the gift. In the end, I still received a video of thanks from the children that I presented and I was very moved ”, says the manager.


About the Steel Cearense Institute

The Aço Cearense Institute is responsible for all actions of the Aço Cearense Group of a social, educational, sports and entrepreneurial nature, contributing to the development of Ceará and also of Pará and Tocantins, where the companies Aço Cearense Comercial, Aço are located Cearense Industrial, SINOBRAS and SINOBRAS FLORESTAL, all of the Group. With more than R $ 14 million invested, 167 institutions have already been served, totaling more than 80 thousand people benefited.


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