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Instituto Aço Cearense

Collaborating directly with the development of society in the economic, social and environmental spheres is one of the main goals of the Aço Cearense Group. This is part of the philosophy of the company, which has over 40 years of experience, always based on attention to people and society.

Proof of this commitment is the Instituto Aço Cearense, which has been developing strong work in the social area for 11 years and contributes to the strengthening of the communities where the Group operates. The Institute supports important causes such as health, education, culture and sport and believes that social work is a joint effort for a growing society, developing people through the promotion of citizenship, rehabilitation and integration.

Our relevance to society

With operations in Ceará, Pará and Tocantins, the Aço Cearense Institute’s main focus is to support initiatives by social institutions with a focus on the Third Sector. Since its foundation, more than R $ 14 million have been invested in 174 institutions, totaling more than 81 thousand people benefited in the three states.

A work that goes beyond barriers

The Institute’s actions go beyond the financial contribution to entities that serve people in situations of social vulnerability.

In addition to the institutions, the Aço Cearense Institute also supports athletes who excel in sport and carries out campaigns in the Group’s companies with various solidarity actions, such as collecting clothes, personal hygiene products, food and toys.

Our objectives

Como objetivo principal, o Instituto Aço Cearense apoia iniciativas de instituições sociais com atuação no Terceiro Setor. Para receberem o apoio, essas entidades precisam comprovar capacidade física, técnica e institucional para desenvolver as atividades propostas.

How we help

Instituto Aço Cearense supports and monitors institutions for a period of up to one year, and the partnership can be renewed. Institutions interested in being part of the list of supported associations can send letters or submit projects that are evaluated by the Institute’s staff. If the request is approved, a technical visit is made to the entity in order to start monitoring work from there.


Promote actions that guarantee the execution and multiplication of social initiatives for the transformation of lives.


To be a reference in private social investment, sensitizing the business class and employees in a sustainable way, through volunteering, networking and the formation of partnerships.


Credibility, respect, transparency, commitment, solidarity, ethics and faith in God.