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Meet the Group Aço Cearense

With over three decades in the Brazilian steel market and an average of 22,000 active clients across the country, Aço Cearense Group stands out for its growth and representativeness achieved in the steel market. It is a regional leader in the industry with a revenue of over R$ 2,6 billion in 2014.

Throughout its history, Aço Cearense Group has diversified and expanded its operations, from a small distributor to importer, then a large distributor, processor and steel producer.

The strength of Aço Cearense Group throughout Brazil

Currently the Group has a workforce of over 5,000 people, distributed in five companies, located in the North, Northeast and Southeast of the country.

In the North, in Maraba (PA), it operates Siderúrgica Norte Brasil S.A. - SINOBRAS, first integrated steel mill of long steel for construction in North and Northeast regions, with capacity of 400,000 tons per year. Its products mix include rebar, wire rod and drawn and now reaches all the country with its distribution. In the cities of São Bento do Tocantins and Araguatins - TO is located SINOBRAS Florestal.

In the Northeast, in Caucaia (CE), it's located Aço Cearense Industrial, facing the flat steel segment, with two industries with a production of 760 thousand tons per year. In Fortaleza (CE), it's located Aço Cearense Commercial, which trades products of SINOBRAS and Aço Cearense Industrial. Its structure and strength of sales position the Group as the largest independent distributor of steel and its derivatives in Brazil.

It is also located in Fortaleza Institute Aço Cearense, which is responsible for all actions of social, educational and sports Group.

Representatives throughout the country

Aço Cearense Group has representatives located throughout the country. Find a representative nearest you.

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