The Aço Cearense aims to contribute to improving the quality of life, social inclusion and development of the population of their area of expertise. One of its values is sustainable development, so all its activities are environmentally correct, socially just and economically viable, which qualifies her as a truly green product.


Environmental sustainability

Seek development together with environmental preservation is fundamental to Ceará Steel.

This policy is based on an Environmental Engineering Program (EAP) and monitored by an Environmental Control Program (PCA), which involve the entire production cycle, from receipt of raw materials to delivery of finished products and disposal of coproducts of companies of the corporation.

The processes of Ceará Steel are committed to the life cycle of their products as the largest recycler in the Brazilian Northeast. In 2013, 302.000 tons were recycled scrap, collected through an extensive network of entrepreneurs, generating thousands of indirect jobs with this activity.

Rational use of energy is also in focus. The projects were designed to minimize consumption and reusing the thermal energy contained along the complete production and the gases generated in its processes use. The conservation and efficient use of water are priorities in all business activities. All units come with Water Treatment Plants (WTP) and Sewage Treatment Plants (WWTP).


Social sustainability

Socially responsible management, which enhances and broadens actions against poverty and marginalization is the performance of Aço Cearense.

With targeted social investments for culture, health and education, the Aço Cearense contributes to the development of people, for social inclusion, to improve the quality of life of the community, through actions carried out by its employees and by Aço Cearense Institute.



To encourage volunteerism among employees and reduce the impact of social inequalities, the Aço Cearense created volunteer programs where employees themselves and their families engage and take actions to contribute to support the elderly, children institutions at risk and other . An example is the Aço Cearense em Ação (held in Aço Cearense) in which employees are invited to devote part of their time, without pay, on welfare or other related field activities.



Economic Sustainability

The Aço Cearense offers its products to all Brazilian states with speed and with high quality of its products. True to its values seeks to exceed the expectations of its customers with customized solutions and anticipating their needs.

Check out the Sustainability Report of Grupo Aço Cearense and learn about all actions performed and the main results obtained by the group.