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Friday November 16th, 2018

Privacy policy of the Aço Cearense Group App (GAC App) for exclusive use of employees

The privacy policy of the Aço Cearense Group App, hereinafter called “GAC App”, for the exclusive use of employees of the companies Aço Cearense Industrial Ltda., Aço Cearense Comercial Ltda., Sinobras Florestal Ltda., Siderúrgica Norte Brasil S / A and Instituto Aço Cearense.

This policy is designed to enable users to understand the basic provisions regarding the receipt, storage and use of personal information made available for access and use of GAC App features, which require identification, in accordance with the following provisions :


The GAC App, for the exclusive use of employees, will have the option of registering, through login and password, so that they have access to the specific content with subjects and resources that will allow a greater interaction among employees, update and information similar to those available on the corporate intranet, as well as options for sharing some of the content in their social.

We hereby declare that all terms and conditions contained in this Privacy Policy may be modified at any time by Grupo Aço Cearense, due to changes in legislation or services, due to the use of new technological or legal tools.

The use of the services provided by the “GAC App” application by any user will imply in the express acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy in force on the date of its use. In the foregoing, we advise users to read the terms set forth in this policy in advance.

Treatment of personal information

In order to access the content of the application, the employee must promote his / her registration in order to create his / her login and password. This information will be stored in our database so that we can make the necessary validations of access, because of that such data will be stored in a protected database and encrypted.

The registration information for access to the application, which will be provided by the users are confidential and stored with all necessary security, which in no case will be sold and / or assigned to third parties.

Access to personal information, as well as the content of conversations and, if appropriate, shared images, will be collected and stored by the GAC App and may be made available, when necessary, strictly to professionals authorized to use this information directly, whether employees (IT, HR, SESMT and COMMUNICATION) and outsourced service providers.

Eventually, some application usage information will be collected anonymously, and will also be used in a stealthy way in statistics necessary to follow up and / or implement possible improvements to the GAC App itself.


The GAC app will have the option of permissions to receive notifications and updates of the application information, and your users may be enrolled in two types of notifications, such as “General Notifications” for content updates such as news and announcements or “Personal Notices” for notices directed exclusively to the logged in user.

The GAC App will use Firebase to manage the above notifications. This privacy policy is not applied to third party sites and services. For more information about how data is handled by Firebase can be obtained through access to the Firebase Analytics link.

Links to other sites

The GAP App may contain links to other sites, such as, but not limited to, companion videos, motivational texts, news sites, course registrations, and more. If the user clicks on the third party links, as shown above, will be directed to the site corresponding to the respective Internet address.

It should be noted that the external sites are not operated by the GAC App, so it is recommended that when accessing them, the analysis of the corresponding Privacy Policy is performed by each user, since the GAC App does not have control and management over them , and will not assume any responsibility for the content, privacy policies or practices of any third party sites or services.

Contact us

In case of doubts or suggestions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us through the link: www.grupoacocearense.com.br/contato.