Aço Cearense Industrial football team wins runner-up

Sunday October 6th, 2019

On October 6th, there was the grand final of the II Football Championship of the Association of Companies of the Pecém Industrial and Port Complex (AECIPP) at SESI Parangaba, which consecrated the Cearense Steel team as runner-up.

The employees of the Cearense Industrial Football team wins runner-up started the match by scoring a great goal with Diego dos Santos, from the Cearense Industrial Steel Expedition team wins runner-up, and had several opportunities to expand the match. score, but at the end of the first half suffered the draw and in the second half the turn, leaving the AERIS team with the title of champion.

Guilherme Guedes from Cearense Steel Expedition Industrial football team wins runner-up Matriz told about the experience of participating in the championship: “I really enjoyed the opportunity to be part of the team for the first time, mainly because I met new friends from other areas of the team. Steel Ceará Industrial football team wins runner-up. It was a short time before we won first place, but now we have to raise our heads and wait, God willing next time we will be champions, ”he said.

“In addition to stimulating physical activity, I think the championship is an opportunity for integration between players, employees and their families,” said Aldemir Sales, from SETRAN of Ceará’s Steel Industrial Football team wins runner-up, who took his wife and son to cheer for the company team.

Since May, 25 teams have been in dispute, representing all CIPP companies. The games took place on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, always at the SESI Parangaba unit. The closing included food stalls and pogo sticks for the kids.


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