Visit of the IAC to the city of Marco in Ceará

notícias Thursday June 22nd, 2017

The Aço Cearense Institute visited the municipality of Marco-CE with the objective of starting a partnership with the Department of Education, Sport and Culture of the municipality. The moment had as proposal to present the social projects developed by the Institute and to offer a workshop of Construction and Elaboration of Social Intervention Project for the teachers of the public school system.

Initially 15 teachers participated in the training. The proposal of the Aço Cearense Institute was to encourage teachers to design intervention projects that will minimize the social problems faced by adolescents and young people in the municipality of Marco. Increasingly, young people and adolescents are becoming involved and inserted in a context of social vulnerability, being victims almost every day of violence. “According to the teachers who participated in the workshop, there is still no training project aimed at adolescents and youth that can motivate them to perceive other opportunities and choices”, said Luciana Rabelo, Coordinator of Social Projects at the Aço Cearense Institute.

At the end of the workshop, 63 books were donated “The Blessing Was Not by Chance, The Story of Vilmar Ferreira”, which tells the trajectory of the life of the entrepreneur founder of the Aço Cearense Group who was born in Marco and lived his childhood and adolescence in the city. The books were handed over to the Municipal Department of Education, Sport and Culture so that all the Public Schools of the Municipality of Marco could have the book in their libraries.

The Institute also visited the ABAV – Associação Beneficiente Amigos pela Vida – Bom Samaritano, a shelter that welcomes the elderly in the municipality of Marco. This institution receives financial support from Aço Cearense Institute. The IAC’s next visit to the municipality of Marco is planned for the month of August with the objective of holding the event Pedaling for Peace, a cycling tour that aims to mobilize communities suffering from violence to cultivate an experience of peace and, at the same time, to awaken in young people the importance of cycling as a sporting category.


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