Instituto Aço Cearense performs actions of the Elderly Day

dia do idoso Wednesday October 9th, 2019

The International Day of the Elderly (October 1st) was instituted by the United Nations (UN) and to celebrate the date the Instituto Aço Cearense held actions on 10/02 in Fortaleza, Olavo Bilac Elderly Shelter Unit and on 10/04 in Marabá, at Lar São Vicente de Paulo. The purpose of the visits was to provide a “generational meeting” between the elderly and some teenagers of social projects supported by the Instituto Aço Cearense.

In Fortaleza, a musical afternoon was held on October 2, at the Olavo Bilac Shelter, with the Musicart group of the School of Champions Association (AEC), 10 students were also chosen to visit the elderly. AEC students got to know the whole space, interacted and delivered a souvenir to the 75 seniors living in the shelter.

“We took the students, who used to behave with behavioral complications, so that they understood the importance of valuing older people and giving more value to life,” said Luciana Rabelo, Coordinator of the Instituto Aço Cearense.

fotos de visitantes com idosos

In Marabá, on October 4th, it was the elderly of Lar São Vicente de Paulo who were visited by 10 students from FUNCAD Project: “Music that awakens gifts and talents”, who played and sang and also interacted. At the end there was the donation of cleaning products to the 29 elderly of the institution.


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