Grupo Aço Cearense conducts SAP Competency Center Workshop

SAP treinamento Wednesday July 10th, 2019

SAP analysts and representatives from various areas of the Aço Cearense Group companies participated in the SAP Competence Center Workshop (CCS), in order to generate an alignment among the members about the methodology that will be used throughout the CCS process. In Steel Cearense training took place on days 1, 2 and 3 and SINOBRAS took place on days 10 and 11.

The SAP Competence Center is part of the Aço Cearense Group’s Strategic Planning and aims to manage the development of projects to expand and improve the functionalities of SAP. Among the benefits of implementing the CCS are the centralization of the demands for improvement in SAP and the alignment of the improvements with the strategy of the company, bringing greater operational efficiency to the Aço Cearense Group. System-level post-release errors in the production environment will also be reduced and approval tests of the implemented solutions will be improved, not to mention the agility of the validation of the improvements and the gain in the use of SAP processes in all areas of the Group.

The intention is that by the end of this year the methodology will have cycles of conversations to understand the roles and responsibilities of each member of the group, as well as the follow-up of a pilot project. In total, 46 employees of Steel Cearense Comercial, Aço Cearense Industrial, SINOBRAS and SINOBRAS Florestal are part of the SAP Competence Center.


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