Grupo Aço Cearense managers attend delegation training

treinamento sobre delegação Wednesday November 6th, 2019

As part of the Grupo Aço Cearense Leaders Development Program, the morning of November 01 was held the Art of Delegation training at the ACC Auditorium for Vice-Presidents, Directors, Managers and Coordinators with large numbers of employees in their teams. .
The training was given by coach Marília Fiuza, who performed practical exercises that help develop the ability to delegate. The training met the actions mapped in the CDIs (Individual Development Commitment) and the Strategic Planning SWOT, addressing issues such as assignment segmentation, delegation tips, led segmentation and monitoring. “The art of delegation is one of the 3 basic skills for team leaders, executives and entrepreneurs,” said the facilitator, speaking about the importance of training.

Romério Alencar, Aço Cearense Engineering and Maintenance Manager, commented: “It was a very fruitful moment when we learned various aspects about the delegation and how it enables us to be more successful in the activities. We understand that sharing responsibilities is also an opportunity to develop people in our teams, because no one can get far by being alone, we need to have a team prepared for the challenges and focused on the results we need to achieve. ”

Marcinei Cruz, SINOBRAS Blast Furnace Manager, also spoke about the training: “Marília Fiuza’s work is spectacular! I was very pleased with the training because it brought a different approach and helped me get a better view of how I delegate activities to my team. I just have to compliment and say it was very useful and enriching for me, ”he said.

Cinthia Cavalcanti, Director of Organizational Development and IT, said: “The training provided the challenge of rethinking the command and control management model and the need for delegation. Marília Fiuza made us reflect on practical tips for developing these skills, as well as the role of leadership in forming high performance teams. ”


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