Against bureaucracy, Aço Cearense Group supports Endeavor’s campaign

Obstacle to many companies, and also people in Brazil, the bureaucracy is being targeted by an Endeavor campaign, with the support of the Aço Cearense Group. The aim of the movement is to pressure more than 500 governors – from the president to mayors, governors and deputies – to speed up simplification projects to open, regularize and close businesses.
Named “Bureaucracy for Everything,” the campaign is composed of two humorous videos and seeks to show the seriousness of the problem and how it disrupts the entrepreneurs in the generation of employment and productivity in the country, and pressure the public power to reduce the bureaucratic barriers.
Brazil has one of the most bureaucratic business environments in the world. The Doing Business ranking, conducted by the World Bank, is proof that having a business in the country is for the diehards. According to the survey, the average time to open a company is 79 days, leaving Brazil in 179th place among 190 countries.
Another item discussed by the campaign is the complexity of the Brazilian tax system, which erodes almost 1.5% of corporate revenues (in the case of industries), according to a survey by the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo.
According to Endeavor, the bureaucracy creates more corruption, causes loss of time and resources, reduced economic productivity and tax collection.
By accessing the hot site www.burocraciaparatudo.com.br, anyone can sign the petition and thus, automatically, the message is sent to the e-mails of the President of the Republic, Minister of Finance, Minister of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services, governors, mayors of all capitals, senators and federal deputies.
The campaign is the first launched by Endeavor to mobilize Brazilian society. Login, join, subscribe!


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