Harvesting the results of selective collection

coleta seletiva Wednesday October 9th, 2019

Audits of the Recycle Project were conducted in August and September to verify how selective collection is being carried out in the areas of ICA Matrix Production per shift. With this, the Sustainability team demonstrated the results obtained and adherence by the employees.

Instead of waste paper and plastic being sent as waste to landfills, generating greater costs for transportation and disposal of waste to the company, with selective collection is possible to sell this material to recycling companies and thus generate revenue for Aço Cearense .

In the first audit, in August, it was possible to identify improvements in the audited processes. There was an increase of 104.49 tons in the selectivity of waste paper and plastic in 2019.

Thus, already in the second audit of Reciclo, there was more adherence and commitment of operational management and employees in selective collection, providing more expressive results with the increase of selectivity of paper and plastic at 106.60 tons, an increase in segregation in 2.11 tons of paper and plastic.

Carlos Yves Cavalcanti, Sustainability Manager, points out: “The factory look has improved a lot, generating cleaner factories as well as the greater involvement of all employees directly to improve processes,” he said.

According to the Sustainability team, 911 employees from various areas of the ICA have already been trained through Reciclo, and better segregation of waste resulted in a 381t reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2), resulting from the decomposition of material that would occur if sent to the landfill, equivalent to planting 2,726 trees needed to offset the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. The full implementation of the Recycle Project is expected by July 2020.


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