The steel industry is considered a strong indicator of economic progress because of the role played by steel in the country’s infrastructure and economic development. A positive example is that of SINOBRAS – Siderúrgica Norte Brasil S.A. – the first integrated steelmaker in the North and Northeast regions, which for 13 years has contributed to the development of the state of Pará and the entire northern region.

The company has a production capacity of 380 thousand tons of steel, with a mix of products sold in all regions of Brazil and a differentiated logistics service. With the production of steel turned to the national market, SINOBRAS had in the last year a turnover of R $ 1.1 billion, consolidating itself as one of the great industries of Pará. It currently employs 1,300 people and generates 16,700 indirect jobs, collaborating with the economic flow and the generation of income.

SINOBRAS is associated to Instituto Aço Brasil, an entity representative of Brazilian steelmakers. The associates operate integrated and semi-integrated mills, offering a wide range of steel products that allow them to fully meet the domestic market and maintain a strong export position, placing the sector among the main generators of Brazil’s trade balance.