Aço Cearense Institute

Collaborating directly with the development of society in the economic, social and environmental spheres is one of the main objectives of the Aço Cearense Group, whose performance is based on an alignment of its business to a socially engaged management. This is part of the company’s philosophy, which celebrates 40 years of experience in 2019, always based on attention to people and society. Proof of this commitment is Instituto Aço Cearense (IAC), which for nine years has developed a strong work in the social area and contributes to the strengthening of the communities where the Group operates.

Working in Ceará, Pará and Tocantins, Instituto Aço Cearense’s main focus is to support initiatives of social institutions focused on the Third Sector. The Institute strengthens relationships with people through the promotion of education, culture, sport and entrepreneurship. Since its foundation, more than R $ 11 million have already been invested in 143 institutions, totaling over 80,000 beneficiaries in the three states.

The work of the Institute goes beyond the financial contribution to entities that serve people in situations of social vulnerability. In addition to the institutions, Instituto Aço Cearense also supports employees who excel in sports and carries out campaigns in the Group’s companies with various solidarity actions, such as collection of clothes, personal hygiene products, food and toys.