Aço Cearense Institute


Grupo Aço Cearense has always been concerned with a correct and responsible socio-environmental performance. By means of the adjustment of its businesses, the company socially engaged, empowering and expanding actions to combat poverty and marginalization, contributing to the development of Ceará, the headquarters of the group, and also of Pará, where Siderúrgica Norte Brasil is located. SA – SINOBRAS, a company of the Group.

To support this work, in March 2010, the Group created the Instituto Aço Cearense, a non-profit institution, responsible for all its social, educational, sports and environmental actions. Since then, with more than R $ 11 million invested, 143 institutions were served, totaling more than 80 thousand people benefited by the Institute, in the last 9 years.

The Institute’s actions are linked to educational, cultural, sports and environmental promotion. Among its lines of action, we highlight the service to needy people at risk; guaranteeing and defending the rights of children and adolescents; vocational training and entry into the labor market; guaranteeing and defending the rights of the elderly; income generation and job opportunity; social recovery and the promotion of the integral health of the human being.